About First Choice

Who we are

First Choice Virtual Services provides virtual support to business owners and busy individuals by undertaking daily tasks that they do not have the time to do, like to do, or know how to do; helping to save money, increase productivity and save time. Ultimately, we provide you with support and allow you to focus on the core of your business and what is most important to you, so you can achieve your goals.

Background by the Founder, Miracle Osalumese

My interest in assisting busy individuals and business owners started in my household. I started my VA journey providing both virtual and in-person support to my sister’s beauty school even whilst in university. From conducting all administrative tasks to calendaring, providing customer service, email management, systemized filing, customer relationship Management via social media, running both personal and professional errands, I have acquired over 7 years of experience and possess the right mindset to help you achieve the best. Need an extra set of hands? We are your go-to!